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When I read this book I couldn’t help but compare it to d «Due cuori in affitto » by the Italian writer Felicia Kingsley. It’s a romantic story I expected it to be a bit more relaxing, but it has quite a bit of drama. #booklover #bookworm #beachread #emilyhenry #photography #photo #summerbook #bookaddict #FREETIME (at London, United Kingdom)

One of the best sagas I’ve read. The writer uses different characters, secret diaries or thoughts of an artificial program to cover all possible perspectives of the story, at the beginning the reader may not understand or may not find certain information necessary, but be careful in this story everything is connected and nothing is left to chance. #booklover #bookworm #photography #photo#photooftheday #sagascythe #nealshustermanbooks #nealshusterman (at London, United Kingdom)

Some of the books read in June!!!!! #photooftheday #photobook #booklover #booksandmorebooks #literature #booksmyaddiction (at London, United Kingdom)

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The reviews of the book are varied, some admire the plot and have praised it especially for its understanding of contemporary American culture, but others have rejected it for promoting violence and self-destruction, from their perspective.

They are quite mixed reviews in the general sense of what the novel tells and what the writer wants to convey to readers, but which in turn, only evidence the need to know this story and form your own opinion. Do not stop reading it and I hope you will find the phrases of The Fight Club interesting…

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The Strongest participates in the Bolivian Primera División since 1950,[11] since its first participation, the club has always played in the highest category of its country, being together with Oriente Petrolero, the two Bolivian teams that have never been relegated both in their departmental association and in the professional league.[12] The Strongest plays its home matches at the Hernando Siles stadium, which has a capacity of 41,143 spectators.

They play their home matches at the Hernando Siles Stadium, which has a capacity for 41,143 spectators. Its classic rival is Bolívar, also from the city of La Paz, with whom it plays the Bolivian classic.[13] The names of the founders were: Bolívar, Bolívar, Bolívar, Bolívar, Bolívar, Bolívar, Bolívar.

The names of the founders were: José León López Villamil, the eldest of all and first president, Alberto Requena, Víctor Franco, Francisco Guachalla, Juan González, Alberto Tavel, Felipe González, Armando Elio, Luis Rivera, Isaac González, Luis Felipe Dick and Hugo Alipaz.[14] The Strongest has been a member of the club since its foundation.

The Strongest throughout its history has gone through all the competition modalities that were organized both in La Paz and at the national level, always remaining in the First Category of all of them.

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