How to make a map in minecraft

How to make a map in minecraft

How to create an empty map in minecraft

The open world game Minecraft is characterized, among many reasons, by having a vast territory that becomes different every time you start a game. However, although it is a game that takes advantage of exploration and invites you to go wherever you want, you’ll never have a map at the start of your adventure, so you can get lost or lose your way without major complications.

In spite of this, it is possible to create a map in Minecraft, which will work as a tool that will record those territories you have explored, and will let you orient yourself more easily during your adventure. That said, you just have to follow the instructions below and you’ll be able to make a map in Minecraft without major problems.

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Maps make it a bit easier to explore new terrain. You can mark where you’ve been, where you need to return to, and sometimes find your way home. Minecraft is no different in this regard: in-game maps are indispensable for keeping track of your surroundings.

However, Minecraft maps work a little differently than other games. Instead of showing where you need to go via a minimap or in-game GPS, it tells you where you’ve already been. The rare exception is maps looted from chests or obtained through trade.

Imagine those cartographers who ventured into the wilderness to map new and unexplored lands throughout history. In Minecraft, you are the cartographer. Instead of having maps instantly available, you must create them yourself and explore the terrain to «draw» the map yourself.

As mentioned above, you can repeat this process up to four times. Each time you expand a map, you may notice blank areas when you equip it. Don’t worry! Those areas fill in with surrounding details as you explore the world.

Minecraft map

Learn how to make a Map and Map Wall in Minecraft with our easy to follow guide! We’ll walk you step by step through the process of creating Maps and creating a nice Map Wall for decoration. If you want to know where you’re going and where you’ve been, then creating them is going to be important to your adventure.

If you want to make a wall decorated with a part of your current seed map, this is the way to do it! First, we’re going to need some Sticks and Leather to create some Item Frames.

Go ahead and go back to the center section and go east and west to complete the left and right. Once you have that, go north and repeat for those sections and you’ll have a complete map.

How to see the whole map in minecraft

It is worth noting that there are some minimal chances to find mapping tables also in fortresses randomly generated by the game itself. And you can also download maps in all versions, to make the game more interesting.

To craft a mapping table you must follow the following steps always placing everything to the right of the crafting table. At the top, you will place two papers, in the middle two fir wood planks, and at the bottom two jungle wood planks. After this you will already be able to acquire your ready-to-use mapping table in the result box of the table.

Because of this, the more you explore, it will be necessary for your map to cover enough area to be able to locate a farther destination. When you start venturing beyond the chunks that are delimited in your Minecraft world when you first create it, expanding your map will be necessary.

Undoubtedly, expanding your maps with the mapping table is one of the best utilities that have been added with Minecraft updates. Even, another of the benefits that have been added to Minecraft is, transferring a world or map from one device to another. This way you can continue with your progress on any device without starting from scratch.

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