Create facebook business page

Create facebook business page

How to create a free facebook business page

For the cover image, I advise you to choose one that is related to the theme of your business or the content you have decided to share. In addition, the measures should be 1640 x 856 pixels.

Something very important to keep in mind is to have a social media plan before you start spreading content. Here you have a customizable template to create your Social Media Plan in a few steps.

Set some goals before you start publishing content on a social network and choose a series of KPIs that will help you measure whether or not you are achieving those goals over time. All this information can be captured in a dashboard, to have it in a more visual way and month by month.

How to create a facebook page

Including one for your business can help generate more leads and increase sales. To do this, click on the blue «+ Add a button» option on the left side of your page below your cover image.

You can choose from the following types of buttons: Book with you, Contact you, Learn more, Buy or Download. Select the type of button that best suits your business. For example, a hair salon would probably want to use the «Book with you» option, while a brand that sells products would find the «Buy» option a better fit.

Facebook business login

In the same way, leaving the «Online» sector, those of a bar or a restaurant like «El Celler de Can Roca», of a Spa Hotel like «Balneario de Archena», as well as clothing stores, shoe shops, bookstores, etc. also have a place here.

This category does not need too many explanations, since it is aimed at all types of users (famous or not) who seek to give social promotion to themselves, as is the case of the so-called «Influencers».

The first thing to do is to start, in a preliminary way, to get fans for your page. And what better way than inviting all those friends you have on your personal profile to «like» it.

Here you can use a video, as I mentioned recently, so if you have the means to create and edit online videos, it could be an element that will give some engagement to your Fan Page.

In this case, we will choose for this example «@minegociodemarketing» and, if you look at the following image, once written a green «check» symbol appears, confirming that this username is free.

Facebook business

Your page must have activity and provide information before you start promoting it, so start posting updates as soon as it’s up and running. New photos and updates give visitors the feeling that this is an active page. You can increase the reach of your posts beyond your page’s followers by promoting them and targeting the people you want to connect with.

Once the page is set up, invite your customers and contacts to communicate with you through the page to keep in touch and stay in the loop. You can also circulate ads to find new followers for the brand.

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