Analyzing data with excel

Analyzing data with excel

4:40excel y el análisis de datos estadísticosformación en excel y auditoría – ensys / audinforyoutube – 11 may 2016

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data analysis course

One of its main advantages is that it contains a large number of integrated tools for standard machine learning tasks and allows access to other tools such as scikit-learn, R and Deeplearning4j.

Python is an interpreted, dynamic, cross-platform and multi-paradigm programming language that partially supports object-oriented programming, structured programming, imperative programming and functional programming.

It is a programming language whose philosophy emphasizes providing a readable, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn code syntax.    In addition, it allows the integration of libraries such as Matplotlib, Bokeh, Numpy, Pandas or spaCy, to implement functions that enable complex statistical analysis and interactive graphics.

GNU Octave has powerful built-in mathematical functions (differential equations, linear algebra, matrix calculations) and can be extended with the addition of libraries such as Scientific Library, Dionysus or Bc.    It also has an index package with numerous extensions that enrich the functionality of the tool.

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You already know that Excel is one of the most popular and widely used tools, do you want to give a statistical sense to this tool? Today I want you to discover a very interesting Excel module and the hidden capabilities of this famous tool. Let’s go for it!

Some time ago I was defending to death programmer tools like R or Matlab as the best tools for data analysis. But I am realizing that with simple problems and little data better to use more popular tools. Like Excel.

If you liked the article and want more I have prepared a PDF + an Excel sheet where functions like mean, standard deviation, correlation etc. are applied. All this you have it in a free downloadable on this page.

Author of Helps passionate researchers to apply statistics and data analysis in their projects to catapult their research career and adapt to the era of data.

5:05activate excelêstadigrafoyoutube data analysis option – feb 3, 2015

In the schedule established for the course, students will have live classes through a videoconferencing platform. Classes will be developed in a participative and dynamic way. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (videoconferences – 18 hours).

The course will have a virtual classroom where participants will find support material and will carry out complementary autonomous learning activities. Wednesday (autonomous learning activities – 6 hours).

The Excel 2: Functions and Data Analysis course is aimed at intermediate referential analysis, it is specifically based on the understanding and comprehension of range names and advanced formulas, in addition to the knowledge of Text, Date, Mathematical, Statistical and Logical functions.

UNIT 2 Range names (5 hours) 2.1. Definition 2.1.1. Defining range names 2.1.2. Defining names with sheet text 2.1.3. Naming constants 2.1.4. Pasting a name into a formula 2.1.5.

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